Sónia Cabañas

Sónia Socorro Cabañas Cortés  was born in Mexico City on 4 March 1947 in a family of middle class with a happy childhood and surrounded by the love of her parents  and sister.

From an early age she showed a taste for artistic activities.

So, she studied classical dance, ballet, Spanish  and Mexican dance, piano and painting.

Years later,  she joined the teaching and formed as a Primary Shool Teacher.

In 1964, she joined the National School of Plastic Arts, "Academy of San Carlos" of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Following free courses of drawing and painting.

Later, she formed as a Dental Surgeon at the same university.

She left Mexico in 1977 bound for Amsterdam. The Netherlands and currently she resides in Algarve, Portugal.

Her dreams were always the arts, and now she is completely devoted to the visual and musical activities.

She likes working with ceramics, working paper and cardboard, and canvas with various techniques and materials.

She has exhibited her artwork, individually and collectively, in Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, South Korea and Iran.

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